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The Lotus Series

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"The Lotus Keeper" follows the story of Adeline Heed, a sweet and innocent, young woman who is forcefully taken by a dangerous drug cartel leader and pulled into a world in which she never thought existed. As she struggles to break free from her captor, she learns that he isn't the only one holding her back, forcing her to adapt, yield and awake a rawness inside if she's ever going to survive.


Adeline Heed and Gabriel Hart's lives are intertwined with new, dare-defying adventures, raw emotions, and pure lust. Addy's headstrong, and defying nature pushes Hart, testing his limits and drive to control everything and everyone around him, forcing them both to face gut-wrenching decisions that could change their lives forever. But it means giving up the one thing they can't live without.


Adeline Heed, a young woman who had recently found her strength and is determined to navigate the dangerous world of hitmen, cartel leaders, and human traffickers. With the Sicario still after her and her father’s secrets resurfacing faster than she decipher, Addy must use her wits and will to survive. When the Sicario makes a move too close to home for her own comfort, she leaves New Orleans behind, but trouble seems to follow her wherever she goes until she comes face to face with her greatest fear.



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